Health Care in the Palm

Submitted by Jozef on Sunday, Sep 14 2014

Today, we are going to take a look at a fantastic new mobile health care app called Medilio, which is helping users everywhere take control of their personal health and medical treatment. We will examine some of the features of the app, as well as several different groups of potential users, and see how they can benefit from using Medilio.


First, a look at some of the mobile health care features of Medilio:

  • Activity Organizer/Appointment Scheduler – Never forget a doctor’s appointment or to take a pill again with Medilio’s powerful activity organizer and appointment scheduler. You can completely customize your medical alerts in any way you see fit.
  • Tracking Monitor – Medilio is also a powerful mobile health care tracking platform. It can take data from your glucometer, monitor your calorie intake, check your cholesterol results, blood pressure and pulse, even help you track your exercise and sleep patterns, enabling you to fully track your health and fitness over time.
  • Multiple Users – Unlike some other mobile health care apps, Medilio allows you to monitor and track multiple users at once, making it perfect for parents, couples, or those taking care of loved ones.
  • Great Data Visualization – Medilio’s powerful data visualization and charts make it easy to help your doctor understand your physical state at a glance. It also helps keep information on your allergies, current diet, and doctor’s info quickly and easily available.

Next, let’s take a look at some different groups of potential users, all of whom can benefit through using Medilio as their mobile health care app:

  • People Interested in Fitness – Simply put, there is no more powerful tool than Medilio when it comes to helping you monitor and track your efforts to improve your personal fitness over time. Anyone looking to get healthier or lose weight can benefit from using Medilio.
  • Parents – Medilio is also an excellent mobile health care application for parents. It can help you track their height and weight development, manage their doctors’ visits and vaccination schedule, and more.
  • Patients with Diabetes/Hypertension – Using a mobile health care app like Medilio can help patients suffering from conditions like diabetes or hypertension monitor their conditions and properly receive treatment.
  • Anyone with Complex Medical Needs – The more complex the medical needs of a patient, the easier it is to forget things or make mistakes. If you have complicated medical needs, or provide care to someone that does, a mobile health care app like Medilio can help you keep treatment details straight and organized.

As you can see, Medilio is a powerful mobile health care app with nearly limitless potential. It can be installed on nearly any smart device, from phones and tablets, to watches and other wearables.

Your heath is your wealth!