Waste:IT Introduction

Submitted by Jozef on Monday, Jan 04 2016

For our customer, Braint:IT company, we have been developing Waste:IT. Waste:IT is complex solution for intelligent waste monitoring. It allows communal services to be more effective as they are one of the most important services for residents.

We have been participing in the server side application development. Server web based app has several modules e.g.: user management module, container and stand management module, reporting module and also dashboard panel that shows actual waste situation. On the server side, there is API, designed for GSM gateway module and mobile clients (Android and iOS). Mobile apps have been optimized according the user roles.


For public usage we optimized Waste:IT mobile app for iPhones and Android phones. So local residents can easily access current information about the waste levels in the containers in their residential areas, and can decide on the most convenient location where he/she can dump the particular type of refuse. They are also able to notify their communal service provider about any damage or pollution and actively contribute to improving the environment of their respective residential areas.

For the communal service provider, we optimzed Waste:IT mobile app for tablets. The primary purpose of the tablet version is the continuous and detailed monitoring of the locations and levels of waste in containers; including notifications, graphical displays, and reports. The communal service driver got Waste:IT mobile app with spectial driver mode, to enable the effective planning of waste removal and optimization of the route while simultaneously enabling the driver to use the built in functions to notify the provider/headquarters about changes at the locations, damages, or other important information.

Waste:IT has attended StartupAwards 2015 as the selected startup from the list of the top 20 technology Slovak startups. It has been invited to the final round among 12 finalists. More information you can find in our portoflio or just visit Waste:IT website.