"Mobile development is what we do with passion and precision"

-- Jozef Prídavok, CEO

We are Casperised

We are software company located in Slovakia. We are primarily focused on application development for smart devices such as phones, tables and wearables. We aims to produce high-quality mobile applications and related components, including consulting, strategy, design, development, testing, deployment and maintainance services in these areas.

Casperised vision

Our vision is to make better life with mobile and wearables technologies for everyone.

"We believe, technology can makes life better for everyone."

Our mission is to succeed in both application stores and business customer to satisfy all needs on mobile platforms including smart phones, tablets and smart wearables.

Casperise’s core values & behaviour:

  • Passion with Enthusiasm
  • Partnership and Teamwork
  • Focused but Adaptable


Jozef Prídavok

Company Leader & Software Architect
Jozef is the company founder and his main responsibilities lie in technical leading and managing the company. Jozef has more than 15 years of experience in software development. His first mobile experience dates back to year 2002 when he built J2ME games and apps. During his career he took primarily on Developer and Software Architect roles (Softip, Ability Development, Inlogic Software, Mothiva & Moscrif, Sygic). Jozef has keen eye and a great passion for mobile technologies and software development.