Diagrafo is the innovative way how to organise and how to record the mind maps, diagrams and graphs. The application enables the intuitive drawing of mind maps, visual notes, diagrams, flows of processes, Venn diagrams, flowcharts, UML use cases, UML class diagrams, organisational charts, infrastructures, etc.

The application has the advanced pattern of the shape recognisers as well as the gesture recognisers which means that drawing is really natural as if it were drawn by a pen in a paper. All the objects and some of the operations are possible to be directly recognised, any pre-selection of any limited variety of shapes is not existing.

The application will change Your Smartphone or Your tablet to the device having the ability of diagraming, brainstorming, idea collection, thought structuring device convenient for everyone who likes to help himself by any graphic representation, from a common user through a student, software engineer, businessman, manager, etc.