Foodyma is the new way of making the orders in restaurants, reducing the boring waiting to be served and makes the time spent in the restaurant more interesting. Join the Wi-Fi restaurant and view the menu directly in your phone. Through your phone You may also place the order, observe the state of your order, communicate with the headquarters or require to pay the bill.

In case You are the owner of the restaurant or the staff, Foodyma is also for You, as it automates the whole process of ordering. Use only one or more Samsung smartphones or Samsung tablets. Anyone may work with the order, the owner, the headquarters, cash register, waiters, but also the chef or the cook. Foodyma is the mobile system presenting the menu and managing the order immediately.

Foodyma had been developed as demo app for Samsung Chord SDK. Chord SDK is software kit, that allows mobile apps to use Wi-Fi communication without compicated settings (just connect and go). Foodyma is fully working app, available in Samsung Galaxy Apps store. We are looking for practical implementation of Foodyma.