App looks good & easy 2 use.

Your Health
is Your Wealth!

Medilio is application that helps
to keep personal records and
monitors health status.
It is personal health
records app.

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But, there is more apps
in our portflio...

Let's pick up the waste,
not the containers!

Waste:IT provides a modern and user friendly solution that delivers the continuous monitoring of waste levels in containers via Waste:IT sensors built into each container.

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Wherever you are.
Watch Your Bus or Train

Transporta is public transport application with offline timetable so there is no need for an Internet connection!

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and draw!

Diagrafo is the innovative way how to organise and how to record the mind maps, visual notes, diagrams, flows of processes, Ven diagrams, flowcharts, UML use cases, UML class diagrams, org charts, site maps, infrastructures and many other...

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Control Your Home
anytime and from anywhere!

Control Your Home allows you to turn devices on or off, dim the lights, control garden irrigation, misting system or HVAC units, view upcoming device events and change the scenario for your home.

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Two way communication
in restaurant.

Foodyma is the new way of making the orders in restaurants, reducing the boring waiting to be served and makes the time spent in the restaurant more interesting.

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Also we do with passion


Applications and Games for wearble devices and smartwatches.

Medilio, Transporta, Sporty, AirHockey, BreakOut, MineSweeper, Memory Pairs or Snake for Samsung Gear, Gear2, Gear Neo and GearS...

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We created several amazing games for both smartphones and smartwatches

Ported games for our client or free games created just for fun and for all of you...

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