Medilio is a mobile app, which helps to keep personal health records or the family members' ones. App helps to monitor health status, caloric intake and outgo, blood pressure and pulse (not only for those who suffer from hypertension). It also measures bulbar pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels in blood as well as sleep tracker and so on. You can record height and weight of the children, obese people and sportsmen or actually anyone who wants to keep fit.

The app saves the basic users' or patients' information, blood group, allergies, diopters, list of GPs, MD specialists or hospitals. At the same time it is an activity organizer, tracking monitor, reminder and appointment scheduler. Reminder and scheduler are designed for saving and complex evaluating of your own health status.

User or your GP can get an immediate overview of your health status, setting diagnosis and the treatment. Saved data that are visualised in the clear interactive charts.

Your heath is your wealth!