Waste:IT, it is intelligent waste monitoring set of applications that provides a modern and user friendly solution that delivers the continuous monitoring of waste levels in containers via Waste:IT sensors built into each container.

Application communicate with secured server, that stores collected data from monitored containers. The application displays necessary information about container locations and levels in a structured and graphical way. Mobile application is optimized for all involved user roles and their devices: for both smarphones and tables, for iOS and Android.

The app is designed for:

  • public - by using smartphone optimited app, local residents can easily access current information about the waste levels in the containers in their residential areas, and can decide on the most convenient location where he/she can dump the particular type of refuse. They are also able to notify their communal service provider about any damage or pollution and actively contribute to improving the environment of their respective residential areas.
  • the communal service planner - the primary purpose of tablet optimized app is the continuous and detailed monitoring of the locations and levels of waste in containers; including notifications, graphical displays, and reports.
  • the communal service driver - tablet optimized app allows the effective planning of waste removal and optimization of the route while simultaneously enabling the driver to use the built in functions to notify the provider(headquarters) about changes at the locations, damages, or other important information.

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Let's pick up the waste, not the containers